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Extensive course to relieve fatigue

Professional course

This course closely resembles the techniques of Dr. Hideyo Mat suura, a lead ing expert who has played an active role in acupuncture for over 40 years. Delicate massages are reproduced according to region and stiffness.

Relaxation course

This course is for the purpose of enjoying a massage. In addition to a healing movie, a narration flows so that your feelings can be refreshed.

Stress release course

Parasympathetic nervous system functions are enhanced by incorporating proper breathing into a massage, aiming to build a stress-free body.

Music synchronized course

In this course, you can enjoy massage therapies synchronized with music. The tapping massage is performed in rhythm with the bass. Since the tapping rhythm varies from music to music, therewill be an infinite number of massage pattern. You can enjoy pre-installed music as well as your favorite music retrieved from the external music source. * Available for only HCP-LPN10000

Stretching posture adjustment

This course was developed under the supervision of Professor Koji Kaneoka, Waseda University.It is designed to correct poor posture that is common to many people. Correcting poor posture will make you healthier physically and mentally.

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