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The President Message

The Chairman of the Board of Directors:Nichimu InadaI have been pursing the meaning of “the worthwhile attractive massage chair for all households” and leading the industry in the massage chair since I established the company in 1962.

We are positioning the massage chair as “the only cultural health product Japan has ever invented” aiming to have every home of the world own a massage chair such as the television and the refrigerator.

Although Japan sends out various products to the world these days, "the massage chair" is one of a few products that were originally conceived, designed, and developed in Japan.

We believe that the massage is love.
We are developing the massage chair with love and hope people who use our massage chair become healthier and more physically fitting. We research and develop both software and hardware to pursuing the product with effect-efficacy.

The massage chair takes a large role for not only ease the stiffness but heal the hearts of the people by the relaxation.

It is said that the 21st century is the era of the preventive medicine.
The significance of the massage chair is not widely noticed, however, it is based on the ideas of preventive medicine and maintaining health.

The massage chair has more than 50 year-old history.
And we disseminate the massage chair widely across to the world. We believe that the massage chair will take a major role for the people’s health not only Japan but around the world.

We want to continue creating to be able to send the massage chair, which is a crystal of the Japanese health culture, to each home of the world from Japan.

Overseas Sales Dept.