inada CUBE FML-3000

Folding Massage Chair


Compact Design

You can enjoy the fulfillment of massage even in a small room.

inada CUBE is Compact Design

Freely usable in anywhere.
You can enjoy the massage in a cozy little room.

Folding Massage Chair

Folding Massage ChairIt is easy to fold and store CUBE when you are not using as a Massage Chair.

Use as a stool.

Use as a stoolYou can use CUBE as a stool when you fold it.
It is convenient for any room.

Easy to move with smooth caster.smooth caster

21 Air Cells

Complete massage is offered by 21 air cells to your legs, hips and back ! You can enjoy comprehensive total body massage.

Sole and calfs

Sole and calfs.Wrapping your instep and calves, newly designed air bags with projections gives greater stimulation onto your soles and back side of calves.

Pelvis / Hips and Thighs

Pelvis / Hips and ThighsSwinging around your pelvis area with seat air bags while receiving Shiatsu pressure. Back side of your thighs receiving compression massage from the seat air cells.

Hips & Lower Back

Hips & Lower BackYour hips and lower back are squeezed and compressed as if being massage by the palm of the hand.


You can choose the one from variety of programs available for you.

inada cube programs

Full BodyProgram

To relieving fatigue from full body, from back to sole.

Stretch Program

Focusing on stretching and twisting movements.

Legs Program

Focusing on hip joints, calves and soles.

Swing Program

To relax by stimulating pelves and hip area.

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