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For "More Ultimate" Massage Effects and Comfort Details

For "More Ultimate" Massage Effects and Comfort Details

Accurately Detecting the Acupoints for Massage that have an Effect on Health through Scanning the entire Body

The smart optical detecting system can sense acupoints according to body shape.

As the most important feature of the INADA Medical Massage Chair, the smart optical detecting system, one of INADA's uni que technological characteristics detects acupoints and treats them effectively. It precisely locates acupoints according to body shape. It does more than simple massage instead, it deep massages acupoints,
which embodies the experience and technology that INADA constantly gathers and explores about massage, presenting the ultimate relaxing experience.

Trapezius Massage

Trapezius MassageDeep Massage of Stiff and Sore Trapezius along the Scapula

The chair massages along the trapezius, while avoiding the scapula, providing elaborate treatment to parts of the trapezius, which is prone to soreness.

Relaxing the Neck

Relaxing the NeckRelaxing the Muscles around the Tianzhu Point through Neck Massage

The chair Relaxes the Tianzhu and Fengchi (Wind Pool) points by using effective techniques to effectively alleviate stiffness and so「eness of the particular neck muscles that are being treated.

Neck & shoulder massage

Neck & shoulder massagePrecise Massage of the sorest part of the Shoulder

The chair provides deep massage of the shoulder well, where fatigue easily accumulates, for effective alleviation of stiffness and soreness in the muscles around the shoulder well.

Pelvis Massage

Neck & shoulder massageSqueezing the Pelvis to Relax Adjacent Muscles

The chai「also provides a sufficient wrapping massage f「om the waist down to under the hip, alleviating stiffness and soreness around the pelvis through effective massage movement.

Deep Massage of the Waist

Neck & shoulder massageDeep Massage of the Outer Parts of the Waist, especially to Where Fatigue Accumulates

Although the chair has a compact design、theup-down range of the 3S massage is still as long as 69cm. It offers a super long range of treatment, deeply massaging the muscles around the hip, and relaxing of every inch of the muscles between the waist and the pelvis. The lateral range of treatment is as long as 20cm. This wide range provides an effective massage of the outer parts of the waist where fatigue easily accumulates.

Massage of Legs and Feet

Acupressure Pads for Soles of the feetFor Better Blood Circulation through Air Pressure from three Directions

The chair's airbags, which cover the legs from the calves to the soles of the feet, can effectively alleviate soreness; at the same time, acupressure pads are used to stimulate the soles of the feet, so as to provide a strong and deep massage.

Massage of Hands and Arms

A Firm Grip from the Elbow to the Arm for a Gentle butThorough Chest Spreading Movement, at the Same Time Relaxing the Arms

The chair's airbags firmly wrap the hip, in combination with those on the back while gripping the arms, for lateral spreading, gently wrapping the a「ms for a comfortable massage, to alleviate the stiffness and soreness in the arms.

Wrapping-Style Massage

Firmly Gripping the Body from Shoulde『 to Arm for a Massage of Deep Tissues

Th e chair's airbags are able to be wrapped around sore body parts, providing a soothing massage.

Procedure of Medical Treatment

Automation of the Massage Procedure using Professional Massage Theory

Professional masseurs will schedule treatment using massage theory according to each symptom and perform elaborate massage procedures to each person according to their symptoms.

Pressure-Plate-Type 4-Ball & Super Slow System

Alleviating Discomfort Due to Over Stimulation and Recreating the Feeling of Double-hand Pressure by a Professional Masseur

Alleviating over stimula­lion by breaking down body pressure to four points; slow movements with brief pauses imitate those of a professional masseur and can alleviate heavier fatigue.

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