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Original functions

“Lower back air” relieves aches and pains across the entire lower back.

Equipped with embrace type airbags for the lower back, relieving aches and pains across the lower back.

“Low Body” program with added emphasis on the lower back and legs.

Recommended for eliminating fatigue in muscles of the lower back to the pelvic region or legs after physical activity or long hours of standing on the job.

Kenbiki (between the shoulder blades) Neck massage by kneading Kensei massage
Deeply massages muscles at the back of the shoulders that easily stiffen by diagonal movements along the edges of the shoulder blades. Massages by pressing hard with a shiatsu feeling like kneading, securely catching the base of the neck. Relieves aches and pains in the neck. Comfortably massages by giving a push to kensei points located between the shoulders and neck that easily stiffen.
Kenbiki (between the shoulder blades) Neck massage by kneading Kensei massage

Pelvis massage Deep lower back massage
Relieves aches and pains in the pelvic region by firm massage movements with side airbags embracing the lower back to the buttocks firmly. Although the main body is compact in size, the stroke of the running rollers is as long as 69cm. The running rollers reach deeply near the buttocks to comfortably massage muscles of the lower back to the pelvic region. These rollers extend up to 20cm in a crosswise direction to massage the lower back extensively to its external parts that easily fatigue.
Pelvis massage Deep lower back massage Deep lower back massage

Leg massage Arm massage
Massages from the calves to the soles with a firm embrace. Stimulates the soles with shiatsu balls for a more powerful massage. Stretches the chest out with a backward bend of the shoulder regions by firmly embracing and bearing down from the upper arms to near the base of the arms with airbags. Also massages the forearms between the hands and elbows by gently embracing these with airbags in addition to the upper arms. Relieves aches and pains throughout the arms.
Leg massage Arm massage Arm massage

The most distinctive feature of the FAMILY MEDICAL CHAIR series is the Optical Sensor Automatic Shiatsu Point Locator System. This is our unique technology to locate shiatsu points by optical sensors for effective massage.

This technology locates shiatsu points that vary from person to person depending on body type, and realizes a massage with ideal strength, not totally relying on force. Aches and pains can be effectively relieved by a perfect massage with a system developed through experience and technology.
Automatic programs of massage flows created by professional massage theory.

The programmed theory of therapy provided by professional massagers realizes fine massage according to the user’s symptoms.
Relieves excess stimulation and lumpy feeling, and realizes firm massage nearly equal to professional massage techniques.

Body pressure is distributed at four points to relieve unpleasant lumpy feeling. Also, the ultra slow system that moves so slowly that it nearly comes to a stop, realizes a firm massage.

Other Features

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