In March 2012, Family Co., Ltd. celebrated the 50th anniversary of its foundation. In retrospect, it can be said that we have spent this half-century striving to promote the benefits of a health culture pursued by company founder Nichimu Inada. Our management principles “wishing for smiles on people’s faces around the world, and contributing to their mental and physical health” have taken the form of massage chairs,which have gained the favor of people not only in Japan but also of people in more than 70 countries in Europe, Asia, and the U.S. We would like to express our renewed appreciation for your warm and long-standing support that has enabled us to come this far.

Until now, Family Co., Ltd. has developed and expanded its brands under the name of FAMILY in Japan and under the name of INADA overseas. Initially, the company was named FAMILY, which encompassed our thoughts: “we want to be a company in which all employees are bound like a family” and “we want every family to use a massage chair. Overseas, however, FAMILY could not be used as a company name because it was regarded as a general word. Therefore, in the U.S., where we first started overseas operations,we launched the brand name INADA, and from that point, we operated under INADA and FAMILY.

Now after more than 20 years have passed, the name INADA is well known overseas, and INADA has grown to become synonymous with massage chairs. This is why brand unification is now an inevitable challenge for our future global strategy. Consequently, Family Co., Ltd. will be renamed to FAMILY INADA CO., LTD. on July 1, 2013. Taking the opportunity of the 50th anniversary, we are committed to expanding the range of our operations and moving into the general health industry under a unified worldwide brand; as our thoughts and concepts included in the name FAMILY are now shared overseas and in Japan with the unification of the worldwide brand INADA.

As a symbol of this brand unification, our logo will also change. With a crown of the logo FAMILY to pass on the spirit of its foundation, INADA has been adopted as the main logo to inspire coming dreams. In order to pass down our corporate mission, the mark is expressed by three chairs “chair of health, chair of family,and chair of happiness.” As a whole, roundness represents the global size of our business, which will be transmitted by the globally unified logo.

The market of massage chairs is far from developed on a global level. Now after 50 years have passed, we wish to fulfill our company’s role, concentrating all our collective wisdom from both internal and external sources,for our mission of promoting a health culture. Therefore, we wish to cultivate worldwide needs and achieve penetration of our product technology called Japanese quality by unifying our domestic and international brands. We look forward to meeting your expectations of FAMILY INADA CO., LTD. in the future.


Overseas Sales Dept.